Earlier tonight was the Lighting Ceremony in the campus. This event is supposedly the kick-off for all the activities UP Baguio has for December.


I wasn’t really in the mood to take photos because there were too many people. Also because I still wasn’t feeling the so-called Christmas spirit as I am constantly in a lonely pensive mood for the past few weeks. With the Pasiklaban (aka Faculty Follies, the UP Baguio version) in two and a half week’s time, I should be busy enough with teaching duties and practice sessions with co-faculty to feel the need to go home early, curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. (Emo! Argh! Hahaha!)


¡A casa!

Gracias al día festivo que tenemos este viernes 30, los filipinos van a disfrutar de un puente, incluso yo. 🙂 Después de casi un mes aquí en Baguio, me voy a Manila para ver la familia y también para coger cositas que necesito — lo más importante son los libros de gramática española. (NEEEERRRRD, jeje!)

Manic Monday

Today was not a class day but I still had to go to school for a meeting–which I did not know about. Apparently, the department chair forgot about me and was reminded of my existence when I entered the room for the said meeting.

After said meeting, I went to eat lunch alone and was supposed to compile the materials for my 1.2 class. I ended up spending the afternoon chatting on Skype with an old college friend and doing the task at around 5 PM. Good thing the photocopying section does not close until late, and I was able to accomplish what I needed to do, which was still pending from the weekend.

Speaking of weekend, a high school kabarkada visited me here in Baguio! Wenky decided to spend her birthday weekend here in Baguio, and we had fun foodtripping here, with some misadventures along the way. I think I ate enough to last me a week! Hahaha!

Also, soon to arrive: a care pack from home with clothes, shoes and beddings. 🙂 Thank you, Mom and Dad! ❤


As prodded by Margie, I am starting a new blog to chronicle (*ehem*) my new adventures as a Spanish Instructor here in Baguio. I have an old blog from way back in high school, where, for example, certain posts are rants on our Sister Directress in my all-girl school, talking about my first day as a student in UP Diliman, etc. But I guess a new chapter in my life (I can’t put enough emphasis on “new chapter,” hahaha!) merits a new blog. So here goes… 🙂